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Test Screening Dates Confirmed!

We’re very excited to announce the Levare animatic test screening will be online from 21-28 October!

We’ve almost completed the second draft of the animatic, after reviewing the first draft with our “brains trust” and making some important changes. We’ve completed a scratch track of sound effects, and almost finished composing original music (more about that below!). It’s now in good shape and almost ready for the test screening and the public’s invaluable feedback.

If you’re interested in being part of the test audience, and you haven’t already done so, please register using this form. You’ll be able to watch the film at any time between 21-28 October, when it’s most convenient for you. The film has a running time of about 28 minutes, and you’ll be asked to complete a questionnaire after watching it. You’ll be contacted closer to the date with details of the screening. As a small token of appreciation, you’ll receive a credit in the final film.

Please share this registration form with anyone you think might be interested. As we’ve said before, the story and the way in which it’s told is what matters most, and we need to get that right before production can commence.

Earlier this month we announced Pablo Anson and Sara Dolado will compose and produce the music for Levare.

If you’ve been following the production of Levare, you might be wondering why we’re working with composers this early. We felt it was important to use original music in the animatic, for two main reasons. Firstly, filmmakers sometimes get attached to pre-existing music they use in an animatic, which can restrict the music’s direction and a composer’s creativity. Secondly, if any pre-existing music used in an animatic is easily recognisable, it can be very distracting, which is important to avoid, especially if it’s to be viewed in a test screening.

With over 10 years of experience, Pablo and Sara have scored music for many films, documentaries and musicals. Some of their clients include Disney+, Mattel, RTÉ Jr., Giant Animation, SignSTUDIOS and Miralumo. Their work has been recognised and awarded at several film festivals, such as Hollywood Film Festival and Cannes Corporate and Media Awards, as well as being awarded at film scoring competitions. You can listen to some of their work here, and you’ll be able to hear some of their amazing new work during the upcoming test screening.

Meet Alida, Levare’s protagonist’s loyal companion!

Powered by the sun, Alida is a mechanical hummingbird of Valentino’s design. She is fiercely loyal and, despite her delicate construction, incredibly strong and powerful.

We had a preliminary design of Alida completed many years ago, but she seemed too fragile for what the story required, and also had an aesthetic too much like “steampunk” or a Leonardo Da Vinci invention. We wanted to create a distinct style that better suited the world of Levare, and we’re very pleased with the result. You’ll be able to see Alida in action during the upcoming test screening.

A huge thanks to Nathan Geppert of Shapeshifter Concepts for his amazing artwork, and a special mention to Viola Insolia for her early development work on this design.

A proof of concept we created for Opening Act Films’ and Runtime Pictures’ project Bogan Moths has been getting some attention! After premiering at the Melbourne International Animation Festival, it won Best Animation at the Made in the West Film Festival in Sydney, won the Stand Up and Pitch competition at the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal, and recently screened at the Sidewalk Film Festival in Alabama! You can read more about it here. Congratulations to creators Pete Ireland and Tony Radevski!


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