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Levare Reaches Major Milestone!

We’re very excited to announce we’ve completed the first draft of an animatic for Levare! An animatic is like an animated storyboard, and a cost-effective way to visualise a film before it goes into production. Since early 2016, we’ve been chipping away at it in our spare time. It represents an aesthetically simple and rough, but otherwise complete, version of the entire film… and as a short film, Levare's a big one - almost 30 minutes!

Over the coming months, a scratch track, which is a rough sound track with effects and music, will be added. At that point, we’ll be sharing the animatic in an online test screening to gauge audience reaction and request feedback. We want to make sure it’s working and hopefully figure out some ways to cut the running time down!

If you’re interested in being part of the test screening, please register using this form. Unfortunately, not all who register will get to take part, as we need to get an appropriate cross-section of the target audience and a manageable quantity of feedback. In addition to the general public, we’re seeking people with specific areas of expertise, such as storyboard artists, cinematographers and editors. Please feel free to share this registration form to anyone who might be interested. The story and the way in which it’s told is what matters most, and we need to get that right before production can commence.

If you’d like to, and haven’t already done so, please subscribe to our mailing list, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates.


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