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Levare is Back!

We are very excited to announce the return of Levare to our agenda!

Since the cancellation of our Kickstarter campaign, we have been hard at work on other projects. With our resources replenished, and a more relaxed schedule ahead, it is time to dust off Levare and have some fun!

To all who backed Levare through Kickstarter, your support will forever be remembered in Levare’s credits, which can now be seen on the Official Levare Website.

Some other additions to the website include the complete The Making of Levare: Pre-production movie, which features two new chapters, House Design and Libitina; and a page dedicated to The History of Levare instalments, which concludes with the start of Pre-produciton.

It feels great to be back, and we look forward to sharing our progress with you.

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