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Kickstarter Cancelled

Dear Levare supporters,

I regret to inform you that we have cancelled our Kickstarter campaign.

While it is still possible to reach our goal with a strong final push over the next week, it would require an investment beyond what we can make.

We have already exceeded our marketing budget, and while there is still a buffer available, to exceed it further would be financially irresponsible. We would need to raise more than our goal to cover the expense, and the risk is not worth taking.

The end of the Kickstarter campaign is of course not the end of Levare. Production will, however, be put on hold until we can afford to continue, which means the art book, prints and other Kickstarter rewards will no longer be available. If you made a pledge, your payment will not be processed.

To all who backed Levare, you have my sincere thanks and eternal gratitude. Your contribution will not be forgotten. I am sorry you will not receive the reward you selected, and even more sorry you will not see Levare progress as quickly as we all would like.

I would also like to thank all those who helped spread the word about Levare and our Kickstarter campaign. Because of that, we will be honouring the Cameo promotion, even though the campaign is being cancelled. Please send us a message indicating how you heard about the Levare Kickstarter campaign, and if an individual referred you, provide their name.

Please stay connected, and keep an eye on our progress. It may be slow, but like Valentino working on his flying machine, we at Honeydew Studios will continue to tinker on Levare.

Yours sincerely,

Andrew Martin

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