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Sentimental Value

Help us develop Valentino! What are his most precious belongings?

Valentino has lived a long, full and happy life. He has achieved great success personally, and professionally. His most precious belongings have great sentimental value, and we'd like you to help us decide what's most important to him.

Valentino had three loves; cinema, aviation, and most of all, his wife. He has favourite mementoes of each; a signed prop from Méliès' A Trip to the Moon, Lindbergh's goggles from his transatlantic flight, and a silver pocket watch his wife gave him, in which he keeps a photo of her. These are the most fitting, but there are many more. Help us decide!

1. A collection of would-be family heirlooms, including a toy train his father made, his mother's violin, a painting his daughter made, and a balancing bird "physics" toy his son made.

2. An ink well used by Tchaikovsky while he composed Swan Lake.

3. A collection of unknown artworks by Van Gogh, Picasso, Matisse, Duchamp and many others.

4. A collection of sculptures and artefacts from every corner of the world.

5. A collection of signed first editions from Dickens, Verne, Wells, and many others.

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