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The History of Levare: Part 3


As production finally came to a close on Gus, I had accumulated dozens of pages of notes for At the Hour, which became known as Levare.

I knew Levare would be my next animated short film, but I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to jump straight into another production, focus on character animation, have a break, or change my career to something much more sensible!

I would make my decision after Gus’ premiere.


After Gus premiered, it didn’t take long to decide to start work on Levare.

I spent a few months going through all my notes, and writing Levare from scratch. It changed a lot, and was looking promising. I was getting very excited. After an outline was written, I turned it into a treatment so I could share it with friends, family and colleagues. The response was overwhelmingly positive.

I continued to make improvements based on the feedback I was receiving, and by the end of the year was making plans to start Pre-production.

Andrew Martin Director, Writer, Producer

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