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Gus Turns Two!

It has been two years to the day since Gus first screened at the Palace Barracks Cinemas, for the Cast and Crew Screening. It would be a few more months until its world premiere in Brazil at Anima Mundi, but it was definitely its official unveiling, and a nerve-wracking but ultimately satisfying experience for me.

Since then, Gus has screened 92 times across 15 different countries, been nominated for 12 awards and won 7, acquired a distributor and soon to sell its screening rights in Japan. I am unsure what the future holds for Gus, but its festival run has all but come to an end, and I am thrilled with its performance.

I would like to thank all who supported Gus. To everyone who watched and enjoyed it, it was ultimately made for you and your response has been very gratifying. To the festivals for welcoming it with open arms, you let me know I created something worth sharing. To my sponsors for aiding the production, your support helped me get the film across the line. To all my friends and family, for your patience and support while I worked on the film in secret and seemingly indefinitely. And to my parents, without your support I would have given up a long time ago.

Gus will still be around, in one way or another. One of the beauties of film is it lives forever. For me, and Honeydew Studios, however, it is time to move on. As the sun sets on Gus, it rises with Levare, our next animated short film, and it is going to be spectacular.

Until next time… Keep creating!


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