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The Music of “Gus”

The entire musical score from "Gus" can now be heard on SoundCloud! Without the sound effects track in the mix, you can hear so much more detail, including the breathing of some of the musicians!

The music featured in "Gus" is an entirely original score composed by the very talented Lisa Cheney and Liam Flenady. Not only did they compose the final score in a couple of months, with a pernickety director breathing down their necks, they also assembled a ten piece ensemble to perform it, and enlisted sound engineer Reilly Smethurst to record and mix it.

The score was performed and recorded at The Queensland Conservatorium, and features the musical talents of

Maxine Byrne

Glenn Christensen

Nick Evans

Dominic Fitzgerald

Francesca Hiew

Sarah Hill

Hana Hobiger

Nils Hobiger

Sharn McIver

Shane McPherson

Hannah Reardon-Smith

Georgina Roberts

The entire music team did an amazing job, and exceeded my expectations. Thank you all again!

Until next time... keep creating!


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