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Sydney Opera House and the Create Design Awards

“Gus” recently screened at the Sydney Opera House as part of the touring program of Little Big Shots. I attended a couple of Q&A sessions during the event, and was faced with many interesting questions by the young crowds. One question asked was "How long did it take to make?" The MC directed the question back to the audience and asked, "How long do you think it took to make?" One young girl, about 10 years old, answered, "A couple of months…" I informed the audience it took 6 years part-time. Well… I hadn't heard a gasp so loud since I face-planted a dismount in a high school gymnastics competition. To be fair, a child's concept of time is very different to an adult. I remember at that age, a month seemed like an eternity. Given the making of "Gus" felt like an eternity, and then some, the young girl wasn't far off! It was a fantastic festival, and it was great to see so many young people interested in short films.

In other news, “Gus” has recently been shortlisted in the Motion category of the 2012 Qantm Create Design Awards, presented by Desktop Magazine. The Create Design Awards celebrates Australia's world-class creative industry, awarding exceptional talent over a vast array of creative fields. Winners are determined by a panel of some of Australia’s most prominent and respected industry figures, and will be announced at the prestigious 600+ people Gala Awards Night in October. In addition, winning projects and designers will be published online and profiled in a special Create Design Awards edition of Desktop Magazine. It's an exciting prospect for my flatulent friend, but an honour just to be shortlisted.

Until next time... keep creating!


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