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Houston, we have a… winner!

"Gus" has been invited to screen at WorldFest, Houston, April 13 – 22, and has been nominated for a Remi Award!

WorldFest is the 3rd oldest international film & video festival in North America. More than 500 international filmmakers attend WorldFest and many films, deals, projects, partnerships and jobs come out of the event. WorldFest gave first honours to Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, John Lee Hancock, David Lynch, Oliver Stone, Ridley Scott, Ang Lee, Randal Kleiser, Robert Rodriguez, Atom Egoyan and The Coen Brothers. Spielberg got his very first job at Universal Pictures when he attended WorldFest in 1972. Screening times will be posted on the website closer to the event. Don’t forget, “Gus” T-Shirts, for all ages, are available through Honeydew Studios’ RedBubble Portfolio! Until next time... keep creating! Andrew

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