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Gus Wins Best Animation at QNFA!

“Gus” won the Liquid Animation Best Animation Award at the Village Roadshow Studios Queensland New Filmmakers Awards last night!


On arrival at the Queensland State Library it was straight to business. We were ushered into the theatre without a drink or canapé in sight. As a nominee, I was informed I should sit close to the isle so if I won something I would be quick to the stage and wouldn’t disturb too many people. A friend of mine who likes his numbers informed me I had an 87.3% chance of winning something. I was starting to get a bit nervous and I’m not too proud to say I could have used a drink.

After a few words from the MC, short clips from each of the nominated films were played and then it was on to the awards presentation. Each category was introduced, the nominees were listed and the winner was announced; the usual drill. About half way through, the Best Animation category was introduced, for which “Gus” was nominated. I held my breath for a moment, then “Gus” was announced the winner. I made my way down the stairs, doing my best not to slip, fall and tumble to the bottom. I foolishly wore my slipperiest shoes. I approached the presenter, accepted the award and paused awkwardly for the photographer. It was quite an exciting moment and I was feeling pretty good.

As I stepped up to the podium, I tried to gather my thoughts. I hadn’t thoroughly prepared a speech, but I did have quite a few things I really wanted to say. There were a number of people I wanted to thank and I was nervous about forgetting to mention everyone. The spotlights shining in my face made it difficult to see the audience, but it didn’t matter, it was time to give my acceptance speech. I was all ready to go when suddenly, a loud beeping sound filled the theatre. It was the fire alarm! I turned to one of the presenters and asked, “What do I do?” and she replied, “Just keep making your speech”. So I continued, or at least I tried. The alarm was terribly distracting, and frankly the situation was too amusing to concentrate. I could barely hear myself over the alarm, and only managed a few nonspecific thank-yous. It was an underwhelming acceptance speech, and rather dissatisfying for me, but one I will never forget!

I went back to my seat to the continued beeping of the fire alarm, and for some reason the show went on. I don’t think anyone had much success talking over the alarm, and we were eventually forced to leave the building. As we waited patiently outside, the fire department quickly extinguished the sound of the alarm. There was, of course, no fire. We all went back into the theatre and the ceremony continued.

After half a dozen more awards were given out, we had finally arrived at the category for Best Film. There were several films in consideration, including “Gus”, and while it didn’t win, it did receive a special mention, which I was quite thrilled about.

With the award ceremony wrapped up, a selection of finalists’ films was screened. There were some amazing films, and for a group of new filmmakers, the standard was very high. I felt quite proud to have “Gus” screening alongside them and I’d like to congratulate all the QNFA winners and nominees for their outstanding work and achievements.

After the screening, we all moved to the Queensland Terrace for much needed drinks and canapés. I did a little bit of mingling, met some fellow filmmakers, and chased wait staff around the room for canapés. I had a great night and very much enjoyed sharing it with all those who joined me.

I’d like to thank all my crew, friends and family who came along. It meant a great deal to me having you there and I hope you enjoyed the night as much as I did.

Until next time... keep creating!


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