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AniMazing Spotlight!

Animazing Spotlight! is a “festival and feedback” organization that is focused on getting independent animated shorts seen and, more importantly, critiqued by industry people.

“Gus” has received much feedback from its inclusion in AniMazing Spotlight's AniMazSpot 2011. Here’s what a number of animation industry folk from across the globe had to say…

“… a wonderful, charming, very human story, told with sensitivity, superb animation timing and expression…”

Bill Matthews

Disney Features, Animator & Head of Training

“ … the story [is] delightful, [and] the character designs and animation [are] very effective.”

Jack Bosson

Woodbury University, Animator & Animation Professor

“Excellent… [with] very good animation… [and] cinematic aspect.”

Paul Dopff

Animator & Children’s Workshop Instructor

“An endearing film that nicely develops… a persuasive narrative in which we actually care about the fate of the characters… Well executed.”

Paul Wells

The Animation Academy, Director of Animation & Author

“Good facial expressions and the particle system green fart cloud was first rate.”

Larry Loc

The California State University, Animator & Animation Professor

“This filmmaker clearly has talent… nailing a character to the extent that Gus has been portrayed here shows a filmmaker with considerable promise.”

Malcolm Turner

Melbourne International Animation Festival, Director

“… a nice father/son tale. The animation takes care of… hitting all of the storytelling beats…”

Lennie Graves

Lucasfilm Animation, Animator & Animation Supervisor

“Very professional… cinematic and polished.”

Frank Mouris

Animator & Director

Until next time... keep creating!


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