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I have a team now!

A lot has happened over the holiday season; animation changes, environment modelling (yay!), and a post-production schedule, but most notably, there are a number of new contributors to the production!

Veteran sound designer John Willsteed has come on board. John's award winning work has benefited a number of films, including the animated short "Love Tricycle", written and directed by Andrew Goode. I can rest easy knowing the sound design is in good hands.

The music is also in good hands. Liam Flenady and Lisa Cheney from the Queensland Conservatorium have teamed up to compose an original score for the film. I'm thrilled to have such talented musicians on board, and I can't wait to hear what they create.

In other big news, I'm pleased to announce that software company Autodesk is now on board as a major sponsor of the production. They are providing me with Maya Unlimited (my current software, but on steroids). This upgrade will speed up post-production and enable me to add some essential bells and whistles. An unlimited THANK YOU goes out to Joe Millward and Priya Katherisan from Autodesk for their support as well as Peter Davies from Storm FX for organising everything.

The list of things do to is getting shorter, but it's still quite long. Thankfully, with the support I've been receiving I should still be able to complete the film in time to stick to my festival schedule.

Until next time... keep creating!


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