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An elderly inventor, Valentino, lives in a stunning art deco house perched on the side of a cliff in a mountainous fantasy world where his latest creation, a flying machine, remains incomplete and gathers dust. He shares his home with a small mechanical bird he created, named Alida, who springs to life at dawn when her heart, a magical white gemstone, is lit by direct sunlight. One day, they are attacked by a ghostly giant raven, Libitina, and struggle to escape her fury.





Directed by
Andrew Martin


Screenplay by
Luke Madsen


Story by
Andrew Martin


Produced by
Andrew Martin


Co-Produced by
Laura DiMaio 


Executive Producers
Michael Martin

Shirley Martin


Associate Producer
Syirin Shahrom


Concept Art by
Nathan Geppert


House Design by
NITID Architecture & Interiors

Aidan Martin

Renée Martin


Storyboards by
Grant Harris

Paula Hatton

Sean Martin


Story Consultant
Pearce Hoskinson


Creative Consultant
Mike Chavez

Syirin Shahrom


Special Thanks
Johanna Brauns

Thomas Campaneau

Caillan Davenport

Sascha Fournel

Tanya Fraser

Ed Hooks

Brad Jennings

Stephanie Khaw


Paddy Martin

Timothy Martin

Steven Maxwell

Uri Shaanan

Marianna Shek

Tiffany Wang

Alyson Williams




Steven Mohr

David Blackwell

Raymond Ng

Tim Milfull

Bridgette Perrers

Michael Mader

Rossetti Hugo

Adept Party Hire

Nathan Geppert

Michael J Knott

Christian Bocquee


Haevermaet Anthony

Melissa “Mema” Edwards


Andy Finn

Michael Cusack

Maddy Robinson

Bill and Jill Hasker



Sarah Eddowes

Luke Madsen

Joe Winston

Jeroth Diggeden


Abbey Miranda

John Willsteed

Christopher Moshier

Krista Wilson

Andi Spark

Alison Clements



Vincent Groustra

Hugh Shannon

Jack Kimberley

Rachel Grieveson

Alma Aguilar

Felicity Morland

Melissa Westacott

Joanne and Piet Groustra


Tam Tran

Tony Wakefield

Ann Gibbons

Melody Carragher

Julianne Seymour


Bronwyn Andrejic

Karla Place

Annika Hansen

Eric and Vicki Hoskinson

Kate Hopton

Peter Kenzler

Brandon Grimshaw

Paolo Polesello

M J Sams-Barnes

Karen Attridge

Zade Watson

Frank Gaschk

Heather Disco

Sascha Fournel

Kamal Coker

Mia Ng

Yura Boguslavsky

Bill Mair

Sara Krstev

Giana Tondolo Bonilla

Markwell Presents Cinematic Theatre Company

Sala Andrejic

Geoff Nice

Tim Martin

Laven Pillay


Jelena Wright-Brown

William Vaughan

Hia Chakraborty


Claudia Blackburne

Jeremy Taylor

Joel Bennett

Thomas Courtenay

Callum Browne

Tahlia Pritchard

David De Tobel

Ryan Scarbrough

Mel Massari

Tiffany Wang


Amanda Thompson

Liam Morrisson

Dalton Hoskinson

Luke Harris

Krista Watkins

Alan Woodruff

Dennis “Brazakka” Wallace

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