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An adorable young "cave" boy named Gus and his powerful hunter father Don live a cold and isolated life high in the Swiss Alps, banished by their disgruntled tribe because of Gus' chronic explosive flatulence. His flatus is so insidious it repels entire herds and spoils food from afar. Despite all this, his father stands by him until one day, to protect their food, he sends Gus out into the cold and unforgiving mountainside, a decision that would change life forever...





Written, Directed and Animated by

Andrew Martin


Music Composed by

Liam Flenady

Lisa Cheney


Sound Design by

John Willsteed


Creative Consultant

Mike Chavez


Story Consultants

Ed Hooks

Sascha Fournel


Vocal Talent

Ray Sinclair

Jacob Worth


Produced by

Andrew Martin


Executive Producers

Michael Martin

Shirley Martin


Music Recorded and Mixed by

Reilly Smethurst


Hair Simulation

Sascha Fournel


Matte Painting

Joyce Ho



Maxine Byrne

Glenn Christensen

Nick Evans

Dominic Fitzgerald

Francesca Hiew

Sarah Hill

Hana Hobiger

Nils Hobiger

Sharn McIver

Shane McPherson

Hannah Reardon-Smith

Georgina Roberts


Sound Engineers

Michael Mader

Tfer Newsome


Sound Mixed at

LCR Film Sound


Music Performed and Recorded at

The Queensland Conservatorium


Additional Recording by

Jordan Turner at Sound Australia


Special Thanks

Maxwell Bannah

Christopher Barker

Martin Challis

Peter Davies

Matt Dye

Sascha Fournel

Andrew Goode

Melissa Howard

Brad Jennings

Priya Katherison

Rodin Martin

Shannon Martin

Steven Maxwell

Denise Meier

Joe Millward

Niall Powell

Natasha Prendergast

Andrew Robertson

Tane Robson-Webb

Tiffany Wang

Marcus Wells

Janene Worth

Peter Worth

Tiffany Yuen


Mum & Dad


and to my family, friends and all who supported this production


Supported by

Autodesk Australia

Storm FX Distributions

Worldwide Online Printing Spring Hill

Nudie Foods Australia


Markwell Presents


Produced at Honeydew Studios

Brisbane, Australia

Copyright MMX Honeydew Studios

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